About AAIB Business Solutions, LLC.

AAIB Business Solutions is made up of a responsive staff of professionals dedicated to serving you. With over 30 years of experience in employee benefits and administrative services, you can be confident that our solutions will deliver simplicity while protecting your organization.

AAIB Business Solutions offers administrative services all over the nation, integrating such services with employee management and benefits, creating a completely customizable, à la carte solution that provides a single point of contact to manage all your employees.

There are three departments working in unison to offer services in Employee Benefits, Administrative Services and Risk Management. Together these create a true OneSource Employer Solution.

The Total Benefit Management group concentrates on employee benefits, focusing on cost containment to maintain optimal employee benefits over a long period of time. All partners are integrated with the Total Benefit Administration and Total Risk Management. There is efficiency in automation of communication which results in more knowledgeable employees when it pertains to their insurance, retirement, and well-being.

Total Benefit Administration offers a connective conduit between Total Benefit Management and Total Risk Management. This team and system is the machine behind all efficiency power given to your company. Your communication to this customized system will simplify how you view and manage your workforce.

Total Risk Management identifies where your company may be taking unnecessary risks. Our team of risk managers will develop strategies and solutions to protect your company from such risks. These solutions will offer continuous support and monitoring as your company
changes and grows over the years.