COBRA Administration

It is not easy to comply with COBRA. A great majority of employers are not in compliance, or do they fully understand the COBRA laws. That is not for the lack of trying, but the laws are very complex. As a company, you need to have complete confidence that the actions being taken are correct.

AAIB Business Solutions has developed a TotalCOBRA solution that eliminates the hassle and offers integration with other our OneSource Employer Solution. Total COBRA communicates with Payroll or your payroll department to ensure all employees are accounted for and in compliance. TotalCOBRA also manages the employees during the COBRA eligibility period tracking all premiums and payments.

Using TotalCOBRA to administer COBRA reduces your exposure to risk and frees up valuable time that you can devote to your active employees. With TotalCOBRA, you’ll be relieved to know that your COBRA administration is being handled consistently and accurately by a trained and qualified support team.