Flexible Benefits Administation

In today’s employee benefits market control is key. The need for creative benefit solutions is more important then ever. Through the use of Flexible Benefits, Total Benefit Management and years of experience you finally have a chance of reducing premium increases and over spending of healthcare. Not just for one year, but for years to come. No worrying about compliance, administation and plan design. AAIB Business Solution will design, implement and manage whatever flexible benefit arrangement works best for your organization.

Health Reimbursement Arrangements

Most employers are continuously hit with annual health insurance premium increases in the double-digits. These costs are becoming unbearable for most employers and complementary alternatives are needed. Regulations have changed because of the health reform, however making the HRA more of a vialble solution.

Through TotalHRA, AAIB Business Solutions offers multiple plan designs that can assist with the stabilization of health insurance premium increases, while managing the administrative tasks to facilitate these efforts. TotalHRA also provides an array of tools and resources that seamlessly integrate the HRA experience for any company. Offering more power over future decision making. Ask us how?

Flexible Spending Accounts

One of the most effective cost containment option is the administration of Cafeteria Plans or Flexible Spending Accounts. Through TotalFSA Cafeteria Plan Management, we offer various funding and benefit options, as well as an array of tools and resources that seamlessly integrate the Cafeteria Plan experience for any company. Offering a tax-free benefit to employees and employers. Ask us about the benefits of recent legislative changes.


  • Flexible Spending Account (FSA)
  • Dependent Care Spending Account (DCSA)
  • Premium Only Plan (POP)
  • Transportation Assistance
  • Adoption Assistance

Health Savings Accounts

Paired with a high deductible health care plan, HSAs are very effective is managing health care cost and consumer awareness. You can find an HSA almost anywhere, but if you are looking for Employer Health Savings Account (HSA) Administration with ongoing service and knowledge, then you want AAIB Business Solutions and TotalHSA. It is not just a bank account.

Together with our Total Benefit Mangement we will design a tailored benefit solution with a variaty of contibution options. All to offer the maximum tax and benefit savings potential.