Labor Law Posters

Some of the simpilest things can through a company out of compliance. Costing thousands of dollars in lost time and fines. AAIB Business Solution believes that should not be the case. Maintaining compliance and protecting our clients is our business.

That is why we are pleased to announce that you receive a FREE All-In-One State & Federal Labor Law Poster to ensure that you are up-to-date with current Labor Law Posting Requirements. We are also enhancing our level of service by including for our customers, our new Labor Law Poster E-Update Service.

Recent federal and state agencies have mandated numerous labor law posting changes for 2016. The average state is now experiencing 2-3 changes annually and some states now anticipate as many as 4-5 changes per year.

Over 20 states scheduled mandatory labor law posting changes in January 2016. In addition, there are 3 Federal Mandatory Posting Updates anticipated in 2016.

Due to the ever-changing climate of labor law posting requirements,we have developed this service to assist you in staying compliant, and to help you avoid government imposed fines, penalties and potential lawsuits.

The Labor Law Poster E-Update Service is right there to assist you:

  • Initial up-to-date All-In-One Labor Law Poster (FREE).
  • Continued posting compliance throughout the year. E-Update Service provides updated postings via email with every mandatory federal & state change.
  • Receive an updated All-In-One State and Federal Labor Law Poster every year on the anniversary of your subscription. Shipping and handling included.
  • Protection in the event of a Government Fine or Penalty. Our $25,000 We Pay The Fine Guarantee* protects your business (learn more).Your E-Update Service will be activated immediately and includes an initial All-In-One State and Federal Labor Law Poster shipped directly to your business on the anniversary of your subscription.