Media Library

We are committed to education. Here are some fun and educational videos about AAIB Business Solutions.

AAIB Business Solutions Brochure
This brochure includes all services and features of AAIB Business Solutions.

OneSource Employer Solution
Watch to learn more about the OneSource Employer Solution strategy.

HR Library (powered by HR360)
Online portal answering any HR question, process or document for all 50 states.

EaseCentral is one of the tools we use for enrollment and onboarding.

HR Online Training
(powered by HR360)
Walk through HR360 to learn how to be more efficient in solving your internal HR issues.

Integrated onboarding to assist with managing the new hire process. Employees can complete new hire documentation online with ease, while setting up payroll at the same time.

Company needs to grow, you need to find and hire the right employees. Let us help.

How Buddy Punch can Help
A quick review our 4 login page options available to quickly access your employee time card using Buddy Punch.

National Crime Search
AAIB Solutions Offers hundreds of employee background checks and screenings through National Crime Search. Review what is available.

Employee Clock In
This demonstration how an employee will log in and record time punches.

Payentry’s Two Factor Authentication
This demonstration shows how the two factor authentication security feature works within Payentry.

Payentry Secure Vue
Online document storage for all payroll files and reports. ​​

EasyTimeclock Walk Through
Demo of the full EasyTimeclock system that integrates with AAIB Solutions payroll to offer a full service timekeeping solutions.

EasyTimeclock Short Video
Watch this 4 minute video to understand EaseTimeclock and how it works for you.